We’re glad you asked. Because Los Angeles based Social Impulse has a compelling story to tell.

In our discussions with all the companies we meet at E3, GDC, Gamescom, Pocket Gamer, Nordic and in Hollywood pitch rooms, the same questions keep coming up about story-telling in games:

QUESTION: Why do I need a professional writing team? Can’t I just have my receptionist write the story after we’re done?

SOCIAL IMPULSE: If your game is like PAC MAN, yes. ASSASSIN’S CREED, probably not. If your game falls somewhere in the middle, we feel it’s worth having the conversation. Let Social Impulse evaluate your game under NDA and suggest a narrative that works with your proposed game mechanics that can up your game to the next level. Our track record proves good story-telling brings a significant ROI.

QUESTION: I hear there’s a trend toward putting narrative in games, because a good story makes my game and my brand sticky. But even if that’s true… Why do I need a professional game writer? Won’t any pro writer do?

SOCIAL IMPULSE: Yes, we advocate hiring a professional writer over having your receptionist write your game’s story. We just think for some games it’s best to have a game writer with a proven track record writing hit games. And here’s what you get when you partner with Social Impulse that no one else will offer you:

A GAME WRITER & NARRATIVE DESIGNER: These are two very different jobs, and writers who can do both jobs are rare. We have bestselling author & award-winning game writer Steven-Elliot Altman. He’s proficient at both jobs and has written the highest grossing game of every company he’s had the pleasure of writing a game for. That includes Acclaim (9 DRAGONS) and Wooga (PEARL’S PERIL).

A LEVEL-DESIGNER: We have a dedicated level designer, named Josh Levitan, who is also a professional game writer & game producer (He’s worked for Disney and Nexon and the list goes on and on) who works with all of our writers to make sure it’s not just good writing, but that it’s greasing all the working parts of your game just right. Because the story in a game needs to progress at the right pace, and every game has its own unique structure to be deciphered and implemented.

A U-I WRITER: We have a dedicated User-Interface / Clue Writer, named Julie Marsh, who is also a professional game writer (She’s been a lead writer on games like Acclaim’s PONYSTARS and MYDIVADOLL and worked with Steve on games like PEARL’S PERIL and PROJECT BLUE BOOK writing clues). We believe attention in every aspect of your game is paramount to success.

An onboarding & Monetization expert: We have an onboarding & Monetization expert, named Joe Ferencz, who is also a professional game writer & game producer (He’s worked for Matel and Ubisoft and the hits keep oncoming). Joe constantly astounds us by finding ways to tighten and augment narrative with gameplay in the opening steps of a game. He’s also a whiz at monetization strategy. what does that have to do with narrative? A lot. Every sale is either the result of a perfectly delivered story (even if that story is merely visual) or else it’s luck. We suggest you do not rely on luck, or waste time and effort on trial and error to learn what players want or need.

A GAME ENGINEER: and finally, we have a dedicated game engineer to interface with your team to ensure that when we hand in narrative it’s been, well… engineered to fit. Joe Motherway is not a game writer, it’s true, but he knows code and plays the games we work on until he understands the logic as well as your own developers… and then he gets our production down to a science. Having a programmer on our side enhances our efforts and saves time on your side. This man is invaluable.

Players want a good story these days, whether they’re blasting their six-guns or traveling to distant stars.

Social Impulse is exclusively focused on helping game companies weave award-winning narrative into their games.

The end game is to increase retention and revenue through stickiness.

Contact us for a free consultation today, and consider Letting our team of professional game writers help your dev team make a good game great!

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