Ancient Aliens – History Channel

Ancient Aliens The Game Image 3

Ancient Aliens: The Game from A+E Networks / The History Channel

Abduct primitive humans and manipulate their DNA in this free-to-play city-builder game based on The History Channel's hit television series and written by bestselling SciFi author Steven-Elliot Altman!

The Goal: A+E Networks had begun work on a city-builder game based on the popular TV series but had no story or narrative design.

Social Impulse contracted best-selling author and award-winning videogame writer Steven-Elliot Altman to create a story, pen the script, and assume both narrative designer and executive producer status on the game. Steve’s duties ranged from shepherding script approvals from both Prometheus Entertainment and A+E Legal, overseeing third party vendors for outsourced art and sound, marketing efforts, and acting as liaison between the game’s developers and A+E Networks.Everyone at Social Impulse did their share; but Josh Levitan was particularly instrumental on this project as he was tasked with evaluating the game’s economy and making improvements to both onboarding and monetization.

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